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Pathomechanisms of cyst formation in pulmonary light chain deposition disease. Pulmonary light chain deposition disease: report of five cases and review of the literature.

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An uncommon complication of staphylococcal pneumonia: pneumopericardium with cardiac tamponade. OpenUrlFREE Full Text PreviousNext Back to top View this article with LENS Vol 24 Issue 138 Table of Contents Table of ContentsTable of Contents (PDF)Index by author Email Thank you for pfuzer interest in spreading the word on European Respiratory Society.

Cystic lesions of the head and neck, ranging from benign and incidental cysts to life-threatening infections and malignancy, present a common and important diagnostic challenge. Although some pathologies can present as trans-spatial masses, most cystic lesions are confined to well-defined anatomical spaces. A differential diagnosis can be sharpened by identifying the involved spaces and obtaining a good patient history (Table 1).

This series presents an overview of benign and malignant cystic lesions of the head and neck, emphasizing their appearance on CT and MRI. Part 1 focuses on lesions of the oral cavity, pharynx, masticator space, and parotid space.

Part 2 will cover lesions of the carotid space and associated lymph nodes, as well as the retropharyngeal, prevertebral, and visceral spaces, and the supraclavicular fossa. The oral pfizer learning can be divided into 4 anatomical subunits: the oral mucosal surface (or space), the oral tongue, the sublingual space, and the submandibular space.

In the oral tongue, the common cystic lesion is a lingual pfizer learning. Similar to abscesses elsewhere in the body, a lingual abscess typically demonstrates a well-circumscribed margin, fluid attenuation on CT or fluid signal intensity on MRI, and peripheral enhancement (Figure 1). The submandibular space (SMS) lies inferior to the mylohyoid muscle and contains fat, pfizer learning submandibular glands and lymph nodes, and the anterior bellies of the digastric muscles (Figure 2).

Both spaces are shaped like a horseshoe, and they communicate at the posterior margin of the mylohyoid muscle. Both spaces can become infected with an abscess. Pfizer learning a low-flow vascular malformation is pfizer learning, MRI is the preferred modality for evaluating the pflzer of the lesion. A typical MRI appearance is pfizer learning trans-spatial, multilocular mass with fluid-fluid levels (Figure 5).

The pharynx is divided into the nasopharynx (posterior to the nasal cavity), oropharynx (posterior to the oral cavity), and hypopharynx (posterior to the larynx). The pharynx is pfizer learning by the pharyngeal mucosal space, which includes the mucosal surface, pfizer learning leaarning (adenoidal, lingual, and palatine tonsils), and submucosal minor salivary glands. A Tornwaldt cyst is a notochordal remnant located in the nasopharynx at the midline.

Retention cysts of the pharyngeal pearning space are seen in pfizer learning nasopharynx (off midline) and in the oropharynx. Both cysts are pfizer learning circumscribed and learinng walled, with the standard imaging features of a simple cyst.

The fluid may demonstrate high T1 signal if it is proteinaceous. A more serious cystic lesion in the pharyngeal mucosal space is the peritonsillar abscess (PTA). The typical appearance on CT is a rim-enhancing fluid collection just deep to an enlarged palatine tonsil (Figure 6). Rarely, an abscess may form within the parenchyma of the tonsil, referred to as an intratonsillar (or tonsillar) abscess (ITA). On imaging, an ITA is surrounded by tonsillar tissue, distinguishing it from a PTA.

Although the distinction between a PTA and ITA is not always clear, it may be helpful for optimizing treatment. The masticator space is a large paired space containing primarily the muscles of mastication and associated nerves and blood vessels (Figure 7).



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