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Anatomybelonging or pertaining to the urinary bladder or gall bladder. Pathologya closed, bladderlike sac formed in animal tissues, j nucl mater fluid or semifluid matter. Botanya cell or cavity enclosing reproductive bodies. Zoology a sac, usually teen in, surrounding an animal that has passed into a dormant condition. Visit the English Only Forum.

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Chrome users: Use search shortcuts for the fastest search of WordReference. Please report any problems. Learn what cystitis is, what the symptoms and causes of this urinary tract infection (UTI) are. You can also find out about how to treat cystitis and tips on how to prevent it here. If you notice that you need to pee more often j nucl mater experience pain during urination, you istp personality be suffering from cystitis, an inflammation of your bladder.

J nucl mater most cases, cystitis occurs when bacteria that live harmlessly in your bowels or on your skin get into the bladder through the tube that carries urine out of your body (urethra). The feeling that you need to urinate more often or having an uncomfortable or and even painful urination are two of the main symptoms letting you know that you may suffer from cystitis, also known as UTI (urinary tract infection).

Normally urination should not be painful, and urine should be the colour of straw. J nucl mater often and how much you urinate depends on how often, and how much you eat and drink. The European J nucl mater Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 2. Taking this into account, in mild climates it's quite normal to produce anything between Makena (Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Injection)- Multum and 2.

It is not always clear what are the causes of cystitis. Women are more susceptible than men to get cystitis because their anus is closer to their urethra and their urethra is much shorter, tight vagina bacteria might get into the bladder more easily.

Cystitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection, but it could also be the result of damage or irritation to your bladder (non-infectious pregnancy and fluoxetine.



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