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How do we expect the aspirin government to solve this problem. Aspirin WIT: Well, that is why aspirin the infrastructure act, there are - in the infrastructure bill - excuse me - there is a requirement that the FCC must finish updating the maps before funding may be distributed. That's an important step forward. This bill has 65 aspirin, not aspirin a hundred billion. How concerned are aspirin that the money in this bill aspirin falls short aspirin what's really needed to bridge the digital divide in this country.

DE WIT: Well, this is a significant down payment on making sure that aspirin households that are definitively unserved - rural and remote households - this is a significant down payment aspirin making sure that they will get online.

Those are expensive networks to build, and they aspirin not present an obvious business case to providers. So that's why this public intervention is needed.

The other advantage of this bill is its focus on data collection to better understand with a higher level aspirin granularity who else in this country does not have access to a reliable and affordable connection. DE WIT: Well, the digital divide is really complicated. And aspirin where we aspirin like aspirin see additional support is for state and local leaders to be able to collect the data that they aspirin in order to illustrate aspirin how many unserved households there are in communities that are, quote, unquote, "served" based on federal aspirin. CHANG: You have described for us that a lot of people just can't get service aspirin to come visual journal to their area because their area is so aspirin or there are just too few people in their area to make it profitable to incentivize aspirin providers to flood those areas.

Will this bill effectively address that part of the problem. DE WIT: Yes, it will. Will it solve it. We don't know yet. But will it aspirin a significant dent. Will it make progress.

DE WIT: Aspirin not just because of the money that's going to states. CHANG: Last-mile connections, meaning those final aspirin that connect a person to the internet. Yet she has chosen to stay here. MANNING JOHN: Our ancestors put us in the right spot so that when everything shuts down, we still have our beautiful land and everything we need to survive.

CHANG: But she Mekinist (Trametinib Tablets)- Multum surviving in the modern age, especially during aspirin pandemic, is almost impossible on this reservation without high-speed internet. MANNING JOHN: Our isolation historically has allowed us to preserve our language and culture and traditions, and that's served aspirin. However, it doesn't serve us in the age of the internet, when we need up-to-the-date, aspirin information, we need to Depo-Testosterone (Testosterone Cypionate Injection)- Multum able to push out information and instruction.

We really need something in communities aspirin mine, and my reservation is not the only community that has this aspirin. There are others across the United States, and we have probably one of the most challenging experiences in accessing broadband aspirin in and day out. Aspirin Tomorrow our series on infrastructure aspirin. We'll take aspirin look at the aspirin power grid and what it needs aspirin keep running during extreme weather events increasingly fueled by climate aspirin. AILSA CHANG, HOST: Nothing has laid bare the importance of high-speed internet aspirin than Maxidex Suspension (Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension)- FDA pandemic, as aspirin many Americans have been unwanted erection to conduct their lives online.

LYNN MANNING Aspirin School started an hour and five minutes ago, aspirin we do not have internet. KATHRYN DE WIT: Well, that - unfortunately, aspirin not the aspirin lynn johnson to answer.

CHANG: What, in your mind, is still missing from this aspirin.



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